How to Easily Strengthen Your Willpower to Eat Healthy
by David Frey
If you wanna change your health and fitness, you’ll need willpower.

And the amount of willpower you have, to make those changes, is tightly linked with your own self-identity or how you see yourself. 

And how you see yourself, can either strengthen your willpower, or diminish it. 

Let me explain.

If you see yourself as a healthy eater, you’re more likely to need LESS willpower to make healthy food choices. 

If you see yourself as an exerciser, you’re more likely to need LESS willpower to go to the gym and exercise. 

So the question is...

How do you change your identity?

How do you change the way you see yourself?


You start repeating small, healthy behaviors, that will reinforce your new identity.

For instance, let’s say you wanna start working on seeing yourself as a healthy eater.

Your first step might be to just start drinking more water during the day. 

If you wanna do that, buy yourself a water bottle and carry it around with you everywhere you go. 

The more you have your bottle of water with you, the more frequently you're drink water.

After a while, you’ll start seeing yourself as a water drinker. 

Your next step could be to make the commitment to start eating salads for lunch. 

The more you eat salads, the more you start seeing yourself as a healthy salad eater.. 

You see, by repeating small, healthy behaviors, you can change your own self-identity.

And when that happens, you’ll need less willpower to keep repeating those healthy behaviors.

And when that happens, the EASIER it’s gonna be, to achieve your goal of looking like you’ve always wanted to look. 

I hope that makes sense.

If you'd like to discover a way to never gain back the weight you've lost, then I'd recommend you check out a program called, "The Willpower Secret."

In this program, you'll discover the secret to strengthening your willpower so that you can easily resist the temptation and urges you get to revert back to your old, unhealthy eating patterns. 

Remember, nothing beats the feeling of being fit and healthy. It's worth the effort.
David Frey
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