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"How I Went from Being Overweight and Nearly Dying from a Terminal Disease, to Getting Healthy and Staying this Way for Over 5 Years
"Here's My Story..." 
Hi, my name is David Frey. I live in Houston, Texas with my wife and two children.

In 2013 I nearly died when both of my kidneys failed. I was extremely fortunate to have a friend of mine donate her kidney to me (Thank you forever Erin!). 

My health has yoyo'ed all my life. After my surgery, I was overweight, out of shape, no energy and unhealthy.

I decided that I wanted to protect and care for my newly transplanted kidney by changing my lifestyle. My greatest fear was the possibility of losing the precious kidney my donor gifted to me because of my neglect. 

So, without even realizing it, I implemented several different WILLPOWER BOOSTERS in my life that helped me to eat healthy food consistently, every day and go to the gym 6 days a week, like clockwork.
After my first year I had a total health transformation and now I'm at the five year mark and I'm healthier than I've ever been (and I'm 55 years old!). 

With the use of WILLPOWER BOOSTERS, I've been able to establish lifelong healthy habits that require zero willpower because they are now as automatic as brushing my teeth.

In my ebook that I'm giving to you, I've included 140 of the most effective WILLPOWER BOOSTERS to help YOU create lifelong healthy habits, just like I've been able to do.

Just ONE WILLPOWER BOOSTER can change your entire life! I'm living proof of that. (Willpower Booster #30 helped me to most to change my eating habits)

Using WILLPOWER BOOSTERS was the secret to helping me never give up on my eating and exercise plan.
The "140 Willpower Boosters" Book Will Be a Serious Game Changer for Your Ability to FINALLY Stick to Your Eating and Exercise Plan. 
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"Willpower Boosters I Liked the Most are #110, #120, #123"
"140 Different Secrets to Ramp Up Your Willpower"
"Start with #60 and You'll Get Healthier, Faster."
"You Will Not Only Get Healthy, But You'll Stay Health."
"Packed with Great Ideas for Boosting Your Willpower"
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